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Every session is  unique and includes   your Higher Self  


The Akashic Records are a fluid field of information about the past, present and future. I open the Records for you. Together we access knowledge from your Record Keepers and Guides. The session will answer questions that have been with you forever and provide insight...into your purpose, your path... into all you want to know.

Want to learn to open the Records?


Archangel Michael and The Serendipities (see below) intertwine to guide us to your Angels. We'll likely begin with an Angel meditation to open up, so you hear their messages for you. We may do an Angel activation so you feel your wings - everybody has them! The Serendipities may do Angel medicine as well. Let's explore Angel magic!


For any body sensation, feeling or belief, we go through all your body systems, embrace polarity and create balance. You'll stop fighting yourself inside and find freedom and peace. 

We may choose to continue with Quantum Matrix Healing.


We'll work with your Higher Self and focus on a feeling or behavior that has gathered in your body. We'll use your wording or feelings as I guide you to move through layers of your body. You'll imagine and become a more mature and loving version of yourself, with new tools to release all that you're ready to let go.


Let's create ways for you to be your best self, to create what you want to experience. We'll pull from all the tools I use. You have free will - you'll see many choices. You can change what you don't like. Together we'll discover your own answers. You'll leave our session with many resources for moving ahead. 

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