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About Terri

In 1998 I opened On the Wings of Angels, an angel figurine store in Iron Ridge, WI. It was very successful for about four years. A crisis prompted me to discover new tools. I was simultaneously intrigued by a colleague, Maureen St. Germain who did Akashic Records readings at the store – they were mind-blowing readings. So I became a certified Akashic Records Guide in 2012 and have been doing readings and teaching people to open their own Records and open Records for others ever since. Along the way, I added Quantum Matrix Healing to the mix. Angel Medicine continues to flow into all I do as well: Angel Meditations, Angel Activations, opening our Wings…and so much more. All this has enabled me to uncover a new spaciousness in myself – I enjoy life so much more. Let me share this with you!

The Serendipities
One morning I awoke with a message: 
"There is no single serendipity. We are The Serendipities."
The Serendipities appear to me as rounded shapes that send us beams of light. They are with me every day now, and I channel them. As I work with you, The Serendipities fill my heart, and I send this beam of light out to you. 
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